KS4 Curriculum

Year 10-11

In key stage 4 most pupils follow a programme of statutory core subjects which include Mathematics (Mathematics and Mathematics of Numeracy), English (Language and Literature), Welsh (Language and Literature), Science (Double or Applied Single Award), Religious Education, and Physical Education.  These subjects are taught together with 3 optional subjects that are set out below.  Separate Science is offered for pupils who have been identified as more able and talented.

For some of our vocational subjects we work in partnership with Coleg Sir Gar, and for these subjects pupils will be transported to other centres on a weekly basis in order to carry out the practical lessons as well as complete their written work. 


Pupils in year 10 will no longer follow the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification, but will study a ‘Byw’ (living/life) curriculum designed by the school to meet the requirements of our learners. Although it does not lead to a specific qualification the course prepares pupils for life outside school through working closely with local employers on various projects, preparing for the world of work and exploring careers, along with working in the local community as an ethically informed citizen.  The project-based learning is a way of developing essential skills in a context that interests the individual learner, and promotes independence.

Optional Subjects