Key Stage 4 Guidance (Years 10-11)


Guidance for working from home during lockdown


During this strange time where nothing is as it should be our first concern as a school is for the safety and wellbeing of all pupils, and how we can maintain that duty of care at a distance.  We would like to remind you that we are here to help you as much as possible.  Pupils are and will continue to receive a weekly email from registration tutors with updates, and we urge pupils to communicate any problems or concerns through this channel.

With regards to work within the subject areas our teachers have been busy planning and preparing lessons and tasks for pupils to engage with from home.  Almost all of this work will require access to the internet along with a suitable connected device.  We do have contingency plans for those who do not have access to these resources, and in those cases some hard copies can be sent in the post. 

As things stand we are planning to be providing distance learning opportunities for at least three weeks before review, although as I am sure you can appreciate this is constantly reviewed, and we continue to follow government guidelines in this regard.

Access to Work Online

As has previously been outlined our departments have set up units of work on several different platforms, that include:

  1. Moodle
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Google Classrooms

We urge pupils to make an effort to engage with this work as much as possible and make an effort to structure their day so that they are not overwhelmed by the volume of tasks to be completed. 

Organising Your Time

It would be a good idea to set out a timetable for all subjects, with for example a Morning and Afternoon session as shown below:

Along with this timetable it is essential to allow for structured meal times, and routines for exercise and recreation in order to ensure that we keep minds and bodies healthy.  Try and maintain a normal routine for the morning so that you have set times for getting up, getting dressed and having breakfast before starting school work.

What is expected of pupils?

Check Moodle and Microsoft teams regularly to access the work.  Also form teachers will contact pupils weekly through Hwb email accounts which are found in the ‘Outlook’ application,

As a school we understand that this is a difficult time and that there are many factors that will hinder the completion of schoolwork.  Pupils are encouraged to engage in skills development through reading, and researching independently using a variety of sources which are provided.  This research can be used to complete the assignments.

Although some work will have assessment outcomes, the departments will not be using this information to formulate any sets or examination paper tiers.  That said we do expect pupils to engage as much as possible with the work, complete the tasks to the best of their ability, and communicate with teachers if there is any problem or difficulty.

What is expected of your teachers?

Teachers will set work for pupils to complete online, or if this is not possible as hard copies.

Teachers will be able to give constructive feedback on completed work, but will not be giving formal assessments during this time.

Teachers will monitor e-mail and ‘Teams’ posts regularly and get back to any queries or requests within 24 hours.  Teachers will not be available at all times as they have responsibilities in other care settings.

What if I can’t complete the work?

If you are experiencing difficulties then please contact your Registration Tutor, Subject Teacher, or Progress Leader for us to work together to support each other. All teacher email addresses are on our website.

Please remember that we are in this together and that we are here to support pupils and families as much as possible, so that learning can continue.  Thank you for your support in this and good luck with the work.