Key Stage 3 Guidance (Years 7-9)


Guidance for working from home during lockdown


Firstly I would like to thank you for your dedication to the work that has been set, your willingness to work with us as a school, and your patience in moving to a model of education that is totally alien to us all.

We as a school have tried to be as flexible as possible during this period, and have implemented a model in which we constantly listen to your comments and concerns as parents, and then evaluate giving an appropriate response.  This week saw the start of a scheme to provide digital equipment and Web access for large numbers of pupils so that they can work in a virtual fashion rather than on paper copies.  As you can imagine this is not an easy process, and I am extremely grateful to the staff who have been working diligently in the background to ensure that this provision reaches our pupils.

One of the more frequent comments that we have received from parents and pupils is the large volume of work that is set at one time, often at the beginning of the week, with tight deadlines that are difficult to meet.  Many pupils see this workload difficult to deal with and as a result of discussion with the heads of department and the leadership team we will implement the changes below from Monday 1st June for pupils in Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8, and 9).

  1. We will set a timetable for subjects to release work for pupils.  This will mean that one person will not receive more than three pieces of work in a day to complete.  Some subjects may set a task that stretches across a longer period than a week, but the information will be provided according to the timetable (see supplementary leaflet).
  2. There will be a task/assignment set by subjects that is to be completed by the deadline set on ' Teams '.  This work is a piece that can be completed within an hour at the most, for most subjects.
  3. Teachers will also give pupils extended pieces of work on ‘Teams’ and these are optional to complete.  These will be clearly identified by the teacher as extended optional tasks.
  4. On Fridays we encourage pupils to take up an extra-curricular activity, joining the ' Occupy your mind' channel on ‘Teams’ where staff now provide a wide range of experiences, or by focusing on the health and well-being of the body by being physically active.

We trust that these changes give a greater degree of clarity you and to the pupils, allowing continued development of vital skills in the learning continuum.  If you would like to discuss some of these changes further, or have further comments please do not hesitate to contact us through the Progress Leaders, or the Registration Tutor.

Access to Work Online

As has previously been outlined our departments have set up units of work on several different platforms, that include:

  1. Moodle
  2. Microsoft Teams
  3. Google Classrooms

We urge pupils to make an effort to engage with this work as much as possible and make an effort to structure their day so that they are not overwhelmed by the volume of tasks to be completed. 

Organising Your Time

It would be a good idea to set out a timetable for all subjects, with for example a Morning and Afternoon session as shown below:

Along with this timetable it is essential to allow for structured meal times, and routines for exercise and recreation in order to ensure that we keep minds and bodies healthy.  Try and maintain a normal routine for the morning so that you have set times for getting up, getting dressed and having breakfast before starting school work.

What is Expected of Pupils?

As a school we understand that this is a difficult time and that there are many factors that will hinder the completion of schoolwork.  The tasks will tend to be more open-ended with a focus on developing skills such as reading, writing, numeracy and digital competency.  We would like to ensure that our pupils are engaging as much as possible with the work, and support pupils that are finding things difficult.

What is Expected of Teachers?

Teachers are expected to provide work packs for pupils with tasks to complete over a particular period.

 Teachers will not be giving assessments during this time, but will be able to give constructive feedback on completed work.

Teachers will not be available at all times as they have responsibilities in other care settings; however they will monitor e-mail and ‘Teams’ posts regularly and get back to any queries or requests within 24 hours.

What if I can’t complete the work?

If you are experiencing difficulties then please contact your registration tutor, subject teacher, or progress leader for us to work together to support each other. All email addresses are on our website.

Please remember that we are in this together and that we are here to support pupils and families as much as possible, so that learning can continue.  Thank you for your support in this and good luck with the work.