Area 43 Schools Counselling

Area 43 Schools Counselling Covid-19 Contingency Plan to be Circulated to Secondary Schools

Area 43’s office will remain open as long as possible and if forced to close, all staff will be working from home and available by email.

Area 43’s counsellors will work from home to offer counselling remotely over the phone, or via Zoom, an online platform using text, audio or video link. The child/young person will need to have a safe and confidential space to receive counselling and a phone, tablet, laptop or PC that they can access in that space. As some children/young people will not want the people they live with to know they are receiving counselling, the method of counselling will be adapted to accommodate this.

In settings where remote counselling may not be appropriate, clients will be prepared for their present counselling relationship to draw to a close wherever possible.

We are making an assumption that all school staff will be working from home during school closure and therefore the Link Worker and a Senior Child Protection Officer will be available to the counsellor via email or phone, as usual. The counsellors, will therefore, have access to the waiting lists and be able to report any safeguarding/child protection concerns. We are working with the CAMHS team at the moment to ensure a smooth referral route is maintained.

Area 43’s website offers a self referral link for children/young people so they can refer into the counselling service as we believe many may be anxious about the changes to routines. The counsellor will receive the referral and will liaise with the school Link Worker as usual, albeit by email or phone.

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